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SmartySimon's Group of Promotional Services

CouponSimon - Coupon Exchange Network

VideoSimon - Video Sharing Platform

TestimonialSimon - Testimonial Review Website

SimonSites - Website Directory & Web Pages

SocialSimon - Social Sharing Website

Here is an example of the Search term results for: Frameless Shower Doors Flagstaff
You can see that the Search Results occupy 4 places on Googles Page

1. - Pay-Per-Click Adwords 2nd Position of Paid Listings
2. - SimonSites 1st Position of Natural Search Results
3. - VideoSimon 3rd Position of Natural Searh Results
4. - SEO'd Company Website, 4th Position of Natural Search Results
In Addition, The 2nd Natural Search Results will lead the consumer to a top position in the YP Directory.

The Company is linked to 5 out 7 of the top results!!


SmartySimon will measurably improve a business's internet presence by increasing a company's website Page Rank and Search Engine Position, along with providing additional exterior Peripheral Links from our proprietary products established on Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engines. Pay-per-Click management is also available.